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How nesting can help kids adjust to life after divorce


How nesting can help kids adjust to life after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | family law |

Divorce can impact both the youngest and oldest members of a family. But sometimes a strategic living arrangement plan can help children experience less shock with all the changes that come along with having their parents separate from one another.

One way you might be able to help you little ones settle into life after divorce is by not having them start living between two homes immediately after your settlement. In fact, you can implement a nesting arrangement where you keep the family home for a short or extended time — whatever works best for in your family’s circumstances.  By nesting, your children will be able to remain full-time residents of the family home, while you and your spouse take turns living in it. Then, when it isn’t your turn to take care of the children, you will live in a separate, off-site dwelling.

Here are three ways this type of living situation might be beneficial for children:

  1. Familiar environment: When parents take care of their children between two homes after divorce, they might adopt different sets of daily routines and rules for their children. This can also be the case through nesting. But at least with not having to move, children may feel a sense of stability with having the same bedroom or network of friends and neighbors.
  2. Belongings stay put: Parents might buy children clothes and essentials for them to have in both homes. But older children might still feel frustrated if they forget certain items at mom’s house, like their favorite pair of headphones or jeans.
  3. Slow-paced change: Through divorce, children often move, live between two homes and accept the fact their parents are no longer together all in short period of time. But with nesting, parents can introduce change at a slower pace, which, in turn, may cause less stress.

At the end of the day, sharing a space with your ex might not sound appealing. But before making your final decisions when it comes to your parenting plan, it can be helpful to weigh different options or implement nesting for a short period of time.