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4 signs that divorce is on the horizon


4 signs that divorce is on the horizon

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | family law |

After a couple has been married for years or decades, they can sense even the slightest shift in their partner’s attitude. Unfortunately, many individuals are so wrapped up in their own personal drama that these changes are never fully addressed. For numerous couples, divorce is on the horizon even though it will come as a shock.

While every situation is different, there are some consistent signs that a married couple might be heading for divorce, including:

  • Do you live like roommates rather than a married couple? While it might be common for partners in a marriage to value their free time and independence, when this becomes the norm, there could be trouble on the horizon. Eating separate dinners is one thing but taking separate vacations or sleeping in different bedrooms might mean the marriage has taken on more characteristics of a roommate relationship rather than that of a married couple.
  • Is your partner becoming secretive about finances? Many couples choose to maintain separate finances such as different credit cards and individual checking accounts. These couples often split their debt responsibility equally between both partners. Unfortunately, one spouse might suddenly become secretive about his or her personal finances – opening a hidden credit card or stashing away cash. This could indicate that one spouse is starting to prepare their finances for independence.
  • Is there a sudden change in appearance? When one spouse exhibits a sudden change in appearance, it could be a sign of divorce in the near future. While a new hairdo might be one thing a complete change in fashion or a new devotion to exercise, when taken in combination, could be signs that trouble is coming.
  • Have you noticed a sudden change in behavior? Like the previous sign, when a spouse starts to make dramatic changes in behavior, it might indicate they are preparing for an independent future. Changes in behavior could include regularly staying late at work, following a totally new workout regimen or taking on new hobbies that require significant time out of the home.

It is easy for spouses in a marriage to feel suspicious for different reasons. Often, a change in behavior or appearance is simply one spouse exploring new things. Other times, however, they could be signs of changing attitudes and a desire to end the marriage. It is wise to be prepared for the possibility of divorce.