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Oil rig workers face child custody challenges


Oil rig workers face child custody challenges

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2022 | family law |

Oil rig workers don’t have traditional job schedules. Instead, they work days at a time and then have several days at home. When they don’t live with their child’s other parent, this work schedule can lead to challenges for parenting time

Consider these two options to ensure that the oil rig worker can still have a meaningful relationship with their children even though they will be gone for long periods of time. 

#1: Use flexible parenting time schedules

The parent who’s not on the oil rig might be able to be flexible with the parenting time schedule. They can have the child while the rig worker is offshore. When the rig worker is home, the child can spend time with that parent. It’s important to find the balance that’s right for the child, but this is often easy when the parents can work together. 

#2: Set up virtual visitation

Most oil rigs have Internet service available. This could enable the parent to spend time with the child even when they’re working. Setting up the times for this must take the parent’s work schedule into account, but it also needs to consider the child’s schedule. They can talk about what’s going on in the child’s life, do homework, play a game or read a book. The possibilities are endless for virtual visits

Many professions come with the need to have flexible child custody agreements. It’s usually in the best interests of the child for the parents to work together so both parents can have a primary role in their child’s life. Working with someone who’s accustomed to finding creative child custody solutions can make it easier for you to find a schedule or method that works.