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Corporate and Commercial Services


Corporate and Commercial Services

Perry & Associates provides the legal services required for successful business ventures. Our corporate and commercial lawyers have extensive experience as both in-house and outside corporate counsel. Whether your needs center on entity formation, asset protection, partner and investment contracts, non-competes, nondisclosure agreements, or focus on multifaceted business concerns, we are well prepared to provide strategic, business-oriented legal advice. Our experience also encompasses a strong history with transactions of any size, market, or complexity. We can help you form, own, finance, operate, manage, and develop your business. Then, when the time comes, we can assist with forming an exit strategy if you decide to sell the fruits of your labor.

We assist clients in selecting the appropriate entity for their business. We can structure entities to facilitate large commercial transactions, assist in wealth maintenance for equity owners, or provide enhanced anonymity. We plan and manage joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, affiliations, subsidiaries, and related due diligence. We negotiate, draft, review, and revise contracts, leases, and other agreements tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We counsel clients regarding operational, transactional, financial, and commercial documents, as well as contract negotiations, such as franchise agreements, license agreements, service agreements, master services agreements, employment agreements, construction agreements, business succession planning, stock and asset transactions, joint operating agreements, purchase and sale agreements, oil, gas, and mineral leases, deeds, and employment manuals.

We protect our clients. We foresee potential problems before they begin, so we can help you and your enterprise take the necessary action to avoid complication, which could otherwise result in serious predicaments. To sum it all up, we help companies do business better.

In addition to transactional, commercial, and operational advice, our team of attorneys also offers support to our clients for commercial litigation. Unfortunately, not all business dealings workout as expected and business owners often find the need to either enforce their contracts, protect their trade secrets, or even defend against a disgruntled partner. Our attorneys handle complex litigation in multiple industries. Regardless of the situation your business is confronted with, our experienced team of attorneys will vigorously defend your deals, pursue your rights, protect your business, and cover your assets.

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Corporate and Commercial Services