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Estate Planning


Planning For The Future In The Present

Most people want to plan for the future, but they simply don’t take the time to do so, fearing that it will be overly complex or time-consuming. At Perry & Associates our attorneys will quickly and efficiently discuss your estate planning options and devise a plan that is appropriate. This allows you to transfer wealth to the next generation in the best possible manner. Our services include:

  • Powers Of Attorney
    In the event that you are incapacitated or otherwise unable to manage your own finances and medical care, you should designate an individual or individuals who can act on your behalf.
  • Living Wills
    These document the specific kinds of medical care you would prefer to receive or not receive in particular situations.
  • Wills
    Every adult should have a will, which ensures that your wishes are carried out after your death. Wills can address many aspects of your estate, from personal property to real estate, investments, and other accounts without an explicit beneficiary.
  • Living Trusts
    These are another way of transferring wealth and other assets, and they also have the benefit of not being subject to the probate process that can complicate wills. Our lawyers can help determine whether they are appropriate for your estate.
  • Gun Trusts
    Many of our Texas clients like to make specific plans for their firearms, which can be addressed through a gun trust. These special trusts ensure that your guns can be smoothly transferred after your death or incapacity, including automatic or silenced/muffled weapons governed by the National Firearms Act.

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